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Helium Gas Balloon Cylinder Fills 60

Disposable Helium Gas Cylinder Canister Fills 60 Balloons


Fill up and watch the party take flight! B2C disposable Helium Tank lets you inflate balloons for birthday parties, graduation events, weddings, school dances, and other celebrations. This lightweight Helium Tank features an easy-to-use nozzle to fill balloons in a snap and handles for easy transport.

Please do not inhale the helium, not only is this damaging to your health it greatly reduces the amount of balloons you can fill.

  • Float time of a foil balloon: 1 Week +
  • Float time of a standard latex balloon: 5-7 hours
  • Float time of a latex balloon with ULTRA HI-FLOAT (available separately): over 168 hours (1 week!)
  • Includes instructions for tank disposal
  • Balloons, weights & ribbon not included


Please note this tank has a set volume of helium in it and it will run out. The number of balloons you can fill with it is based on ROUND LATEX BALLOONS in size 9 INCH 23cm – (diameter of the balloon). This is a very small balloon, the standard size balloons is about 11 .

If you fill bigger such as 10 or 12 round latex balloon or different shape balloons for example number, star, heart shaped balloons you will get less of them from the tank. It is hard to account how many number balloons you can fill with this tank as each number requires different volume of helium.

Please be careful with what type of balloons you use; they need to be helium quality balloons and not normal latex balloons. This is because helium particles are much smaller than those of air and they simply just escape through balloons walls. The thinner the wall is the quicker it will escape and make balloons deflate. If you will air filled balloons only, they will not pick up with helium due to the volume of helium being too small to pick up the weight of the balloon itself.

To use the tank please follow the instruction on the box if you struggle please look at YouTube videos there are many videos out there to help you, please type in how to use disposable helium tank

Latex balloons will only float for few hours, foil balloons will float for longer. The bigger the balloons the longer they will float for. For best results please fill your balloons just before your celebration. If you fill latex balloons in the evening, they will not last till the morning. You can purchase something called Hi-Float to prolong the life of your latex balloons. Please read about the product and its benefits online.