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XPS 5mm Underlay Insulation

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PS Foam UnderlayThe Classic Underlay for Laminate & Wood FlooringSimilar to Fibreboard, XPS offers sound proofing and insulationXPS offers high Thermal InsulationFeatures:Warmer 2 Tog, Keeps the cold out and the warm inQuieter Absorbs noise by 20dbDrier Non AbsorbingSmooths Levels minor floor imperfectionsSupports Braces board jointsDurable Mould resistantLightweight Easy to fit Specifications:Width: 1000mmLength: 500mmThickness: 5mmSize: 5m2 per PackQuantity: 10 Boards Per PackSound Reduction: 20db approx.The colour of the boards may vary, they may be blue, green or black. The quality is the same.

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1 Pack 5m2, 2 Pack 10m2, 3 Pack 15m2, 4 Pack 20m2, 6 Pack 30m2, 8 Pack 40m2, 10 Pack 50m2, 12 Pack 60m2

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