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Red pump tyre tube inflator + 16g CO2 Gas

CO2 Mini Tyre Inflator plus Cartridges

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Bike 16g CO2 Gas Cartridge and pump tyre tube inflator Presta Schrader

Overview: Very small and light weight, so easy to carry the pump and foam grip. Pumps up a standard MTB or Road tyre in seconds so you can get on your way quickly Screw threaded CO2 cartridges into the mini inflator/pump and push onto the tyre valve. For use with Schrader AND Presta Valves.


This small, lightweight inflator will easily fit in your pocket, making it easy to carry. Inflates a standard MTB or road tyre in seconds so you’ll be back on your way in no time. CO2 Available in drop down box, just choose your amount.


Make sure you are wearing protective gloves or have placed a foam cover over the cartridge. Screw the cartridge into the inflator.

For Presta/Schrader valves, screw the inflator onto the tyre valve.

Turn the red dial anti-clockwise to open the valve and control CO2 flow. Turn clockwise to close the valve.

Please note that the cartridges contain FREEZING CO2 gas and the cartridge itself can freeze when in use. Freezing CO2 can cause damage to the skin in direct contact. Open the valve gently and ensure that you are wearing protective gloves.

Do NOT dispense upside down!

Do NOT remove the cartridge from the inflator until empty – check by opening the valve on the pump before removing.

Product Information:
– For use with Presta and Schrader valves
– Will inflate all bike tyres BMX, MTB, ATV, Motorcycle, Bike.
– Uses standard Threaded CO2 cartridges 12gm, 16gm, 25gm and 38gm

Pack of

2 x Cartridge, 5 x Cartridge, 10 x Cartridge, 20 x Cartridge