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Portable Gas Cooker Stove in Blow Case with Butane Bottles Camping BBQ Kit

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This very useful kit can be used in various situations. If you going camping, traveling having a picnic or just simply in your own garden.Suitable for picnics camping garden picnics patio and general use or keep as a spare cooker in case of power cut off. The gas stove comes in a portable case so it is very easy to carry around and store, it is also lightweight. It has an automatic safety shut off and no matches or lighter is needed to light the stove. The flame size can be controlled.

Butane Cans:

  • 227g (400ml) gas canisters
  • EN417 Compliant
  • Excellent for camping, cooking, heating
Number of bottles

12 Bottles, 8 Bottles, 4 Bottles, 2 Bottles