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Bioethanol Odourless Fuel Biofire

Bioethanol Fuel BIOFIRE Clean Burn Bioethanol Premium Grade Odourless 96 litre

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Eco line bio ethanol fuel is the newer generation bio fuel produced from materials that do not compete food, it is recycled out of wood origin and agricultural waste. Eco line bio fuel is characterised by higher purity and energy at the level of about 40 MJ / kg (current fuels for bio fireplaces have about 30MJ / kg). Eco line Bio ethanol was produced using the latest technology, with the help of specialists from Sweden. Ethyl alcohol has undergone twice the rectification process, thus the energy is directed to the burning of alcohol, not the evaporation of water. Thanks to that a larger flame was achieved. Eco line fuel does not emit an unpleasant odour during combustion and is completely safe for humans. No deposits or ashes are formed. The liquid is burned 100%, without any harmful residues. During combustion, no smoke is emitted, and emitted carbon dioxide quantities are completely safe for the environment, in addition – water vapour effectively moisturises the room. Eco line bio ethanol produces a beautiful yellow-orange flame.


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