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MDPE Compression Connector Fittings: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm 50mm LDPE water pipe

MDPE or medium density polyethylene is a reliable and highly versatile material that has proven itself across a wide range of plumbing products, providing a stable and economical platform for domestic and commercial installations. Flexible, tough and superlatively simple to install, MDPE is fast becoming the go-to choice for plumbers and installers for an array of hot and cold water applications.

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Here at Plumbing Superstore, we have a wide array of medium density polyethene fittings to suit your latest hot or cold plumbing project, no matter the scope or scale. Taking you from parts list to job well done, our wide range of fittings covers a number of top brands, supplying all the essential parts for your repair, refit or ground-up project.

  • Hand tight only
  • Captive O ring seal
  • Lifetime protection
  • WRAS approved
  • Withstands up to 16 bar
  • Variety of applications
  • Used for connecting water mains pipes and any water supply pipes
  • Range of sizes
Connector type

Elbow, Straight joiner, Tee 3 way, Stop end, Valve


20mm – 20mm, 25mm – 25mm, 32mm – 32mm, 40mm – 40mm, 50mm – 50mm, 20mm – 1/2" BSPM, 20mm – 1/2" BSPF, 20mm – 3/4" BSPM, 20mm – 3/4" BSPF, 20mm – 1" BSPF, 25mm – 1/2" BSPM, 25mm – 1/2" BSPF, 25mm – 3/4" BSPM, 25mm – 3/4" BSPF, 25mm – 1" BSPM, 25mm – 1" BSPF, 32mm – 3/4" BSPM, 32mm – 3/4" BSPF, 32mm – 1" BSPM, 32mm – 1" BSPF, 40mm – 1" BSPM, 50mm – 1.5" BSPM, 50mm – 2" BSPM, 63mm – 63mm