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Lava Rocks for Gas Barbecues BBQ Fire Pit Chiminea Aquarium Lava Rock 4-8cm

Barbecuing can be a lot of fun, especially if you use the right equipment. If traditional charcoal grills don’t suit you, but you don’t want to switch to electric, a gas grill is a great compromise. Choosing a model with volcanic lava stones is an investment in high-quality equipment.

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Using the grill allows you to achieve a unique taste. When choosing other processing methods, it is impossible to count on a similar effect. However, the traditional grill has some disadvantages. Most of it is related to the combustion process, which produces smoke, ash and soot. Furthermore, when grease drips onto a charcoal grill and then burns, volatile compounds are produced that can be harmful to your health.
If you want to avoid that, a gas grill is a great alternative. Grilling on this equipment is economical and efficient, and at the same time safe for the environment. The temperature is maintained not with briquettes or wood, but with volcanic lava stones, which are heated by the energy obtained as a result of gas combustion. The use of this equipment does not cause the formation of pollutants harmful to humans. Cleaning the grill is quick and hassle-free, as the stones only need to be heated for a few minutes at the highest temperature to remove any grease residue.
How to grill on a gas grill with lava stones?
Grilling on such a set is quite simple, efficient and fast. Using a lava grill gives you the ability to precisely control the temperature used for cooking. Instead of briquettes, use ecological stones from volcanic lava. Connecting the gas cylinder is intuitive – just connect it to the appropriate valve and then unscrew it. After switching on the burners, close the lid and wait for the inside to heat up to the desired temperature. Then put the food on the grill and wait for it to cook. It may be necessary to turn the meat over during frying. For details, refer to the instructions that come with your specific grill model.
To start the gas on the burners, the taps must be turned on and adjusted accordingly. Then you have to set them on fire with a long gas lighter. Lava stones are placed between the gas burners and the grate. It is a natural material that perfectly maintains temperature and distributes heat. In many kitchens, hot plates made of volcanic stone are used to prepare dishes – an example is Japanese cuisine. It is also worth paying attention to the porous structure of such a stone – it is it that guarantees excellent fat absorption.
Volcanic stones begin to crumble over time. When you use the grill intensively, one season is usually enough to use them up. Therefore, consider purchasing new ones before your first spring barbecue. However, it is a relatively cheap raw material – replacing the stones will not be a big expense. It is worth remembering that they also have self-cleaning properties. Even if you prepare greasy dishes on them, you do not need to clean the lava stones afterwards.
Advantages of a gas grill with LAVA stones
Less smoke:
Smoke from the combustion process is one of the biggest disadvantages of a traditional grill. It has an unpleasant smell and is acrid, which effectively hinders the preparation of dishes. In the case of a gas grill with volcanic lava stones, you do not have to be afraid of intense smoke.
Healthier thermal treatment:
Using a gas grill, you do not expose yourself to contact with carcinogenic substances that are formed as a result of burning fat and coal. We often underestimate the impact that regular grilling can have on our health. The gas will allow you to counteract this. It is also a more ecological method of thermal processing of food.
Easier cleaning:
Ashes and carbon residues are quite difficult to clean – as a result, their remains may remain on the grill. It is enough to heat the lava stones to a high temperature after grilling, and they will naturally clean themselves.
Gas grill with volcanic lava stones – does it have any disadvantages?
Lava stones have several drawbacks. First of all – you have to replace them relatively often, because they crumble over time. In addition, they do not protect the grill burners. Fat dripping on them can lead to the gradual destruction of their porous structure. You also need to make friends with the stones – at first, cleaning them properly can be quite difficult. Keep in mind that it is better to keep them in the embers long enough after grilling, so that all the fat has time to burn off. Then the gas grill stones will be like new the next time you use them.

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