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Folterm Uno thermal insulation screen

Thermal resistance: ? 0.6 m K / w

Roll dimensions: 12.5 m x 1.2 m = 15 m

Folterm Uno is a thin-walled thermal insulation screen made of two outer layers of metallized polyester films, which act as a screen reflecting thermal radiation, and an inner layer made of bubble foil. ApplicationThe Folterm Uno heat-insulating screen is intended for use as thermal insulation in heat-insulating air gaps, in building partitions. The screen is intended for installation in new and renovated buildings, with traditional and skeleton structures. Thermal insulation screens protect buildings against both heat loss in winter and overheating in summer. They are ideal solutions in cases where the existing structure does not allow for additional traditional insulation. The screens may only be used in places where there are no requirements related to fire safety.

Folterm Uno can be used as: ceiling insulation in attics in residential buildings insulation of external and internal walls in residential buildingsfloor insulation (with the use of panel boards and raised floor)roof insulation, insulation of pipes and tanks insulation of air conditioning installations.

The Folterm Uno screen also has windproof and vapor barrier featuresBuildingMetallized polyester film (MPET)Polyethylene bubble foilMetallized polyester film (MPET)PropertiesUnlike traditional thermal insulation materials such as mineral wool, the Folterm Uno thermal insulation screen protects the building against heat loss by using the effect of reflecting thermal energy (infrared radiation) from the reflective surface made of metallized polyester foil. The efficiency of reflection of thermal radiation reaches up to 90%, while heat losses by radiation account for approx. 75% of the total heat loss of a building. At the same time, the screen can absorb approx. 1% of thermal energy. Heat-insulating reflective screens are also characterized by a low emissivity coefficient. So we can see that we can significantly reduce the heat loss of the building by using a barrier for infrared radiation.The energy efficiency of a barrier made of a thermal insulation screen will be optimal if we ensure there are air gaps on each side of the screen. Existence of gaps, the thickness of which should be at least 20 mm improves the effect of the reflection of thermal radiation. Folterm Uno is made of foil, with air bubbles closed in a polyethylene shell. The foil is covered on both sides with layers of metallized foil – a highly effective reflective coating ensuring reflection of infrared radiation. The operation of Folterm Uno is based mainly on the principle of reflection of thermal radiation, therefore this type of thermal insulation is also called reflective. Folterm Uno, 3 mm thick, replaces approx. 5 cm of mineral wool.

It is convenient and easy to assemble. Assembly The Folterm Uno heat-insulating screen should be laid in strips with an overlap of 50 – 100 mm, pre-fixing them to the wooden grate with staples at intervals of approx. 100 mm or the steel one with double-sided adhesive tapes. The screen must be properly stretched during assembly. Subsequent screen strips and overlaps must be absolutely sealed and additionally joined with each other using aluminum adhesive tapes. The surfaces to be glued with tapes should be dry and free from dust and other dirt. In order to obtain optimal thermal resistance of the partition, the air gaps on each side of the mat should be closed. The recommended minimum thickness of the air gap is. 20 mm. The Folterm Uno thermal insulation screen must not come into contact with elements whose temperature exceeds 80 C (exhaust gas pipes, heating pipes, etc.).

When working in direct sunlight, especially when working on roofs, it is recommended to wear sunglasses to prevent glare.Application and assembly examples:

Example of using Folterm screens for roofs – cross-section, Roofing Patch Counter- batten Rafters Folterm Plasterboards Patches.

An example of using Folterm screens for floors – cross-sectionFloor plate Joists

FoltermConcreteAn example of using Folterm screens for the ceiling (ceiling) – cross section Floor plate Assembly patch Folterm Ceiling beam Mounting grateCeiling (e.g. plasterboard)

Example of using Folterm screens for walls – cross-sectionFacingAssembly patchFoltermSpacer stripConcrete

Technical data: Material: 2 x metallized foil + bubble foilDimensions: 12.5 m x 1.2 m = 15 m Weight per unit area: 110 (+/- 15) g / m Thickness: 2.5 (+/- 0.5) mmThermal resistance *: ? 0.6 m K / wTensile strength along and across: ? 230 N / 50mm / ? 200 N / 50mmElongation at maximum force along / across: ? 33% ??/ ? 15%Joint shear resistance along / across: ? 55 N / 50mm / ? 59 N / 50mmReaction to fire: NPD





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