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Heavy Duty Garden Hose Pipe Reinforced Braided PVC Watering Hosepipe

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KINK RESISTANT REINFORCED HOSE PIPE: Kinked hosepipes not only take away much-needed water flow, but they re also a clear indicator that you ll be facing leaks pretty soon. Our water hose pipe is made from a rugged 3-layer construction that will resist bending and the normal wear and tear of regular use without any issues.
DURABLE AND RELIABLE 3 LAYER CONSTRUCTION: Duct tape and your DIY repair skills can only do so much for a bad hose pipe. Never worry about replacing your heavy duty garden hose any time soon! Our reinforced hose pipe features a rugged, 3 layer braided construction that delivers amazing durability and reliability!
GREAT FOR USE ALL YEAR ROUND: Thanks to its 3-layer construction and tight braid pattern, our watering hose pipe is great for use across all 4 seasons. It ll resist extreme weather conditions so feel free to use your hosepipe in the summer and the following colder months!
EASY TO SET UP: No need to wall mount an enclosure or carry around a heavy hose reel. Simply attach the hosepipe to a matching tap connector and spray away!
EASY TO CLEAN: Unlike other delicate water hoses, this durable hosepipe can be easily scrubbed and cleaned with the usual hose cleaning solutions. Keep your garden hose mould and bacteria-free!
Reinforced, Heavy Duty Hosepipe
Duct tape and work tools often don t go well together. Don t waste your time trying to salvage an old, frayed and leaking garden hose go get yourself a rugged water hose that will hold up against years of use. Our Reinforced hosepipe is made from a solid 3-ply construction that features anti-UV properties that block out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which can cause cracking and breaking after too much exposure.
There s practically zero set-up time with this lightweight garden hose. There are no hose reel enclosures to drag around or to be wall-mounted simply screw the hosepipe with a matching adapter to your garden tap and you re good to go!
All great tools need maintenance, especially hoses which can be a great breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Scrub away on your heavy duty hose pipe with your cleaning solution of choice without worrying about cracking and fraying.

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