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Carabiner Clip Basic

– Heavy Duty Products.

– Galvanized Steel.

– Locking Spring Closure.

– Choose Carabina that suit your need. We offer Basic Carabina and Carabina with Screw Lock

– Ideal for Key Rings, Pet’s Leaches, Attachment or Hanging Purposes, Crafts, DIY, Sporting Activities and variety of jobs all around.

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Basic lock carabiner

Variety of Sizes

*** 4mm in Diameter x 40mm Length = 70kg Working Load ***

*** 5mm in Diameter x 50mm Length = 100kg Working Load ***

*** 6mm in Diameter x 60mm Length = 120kg Working Load ***

*** 7mm in Diameter x 70mm Length = 180kg Working Load ***

*** 8mm in Diameter x 80mm Length = 230kg Working Load ***

*** 10mm in Diameter x 100mm Length = 350kg Working Load ***


10mm x 100mm, 11.5mm x 140mm, 12mm x 120mm, 13mm x 180mm, 4mm x 40mm, 5mm x 50mm, 6mm x 60mm, 7mm x 70mm, 8mm x 80mm, 9mm x 90mm

No. of clips

1 Carabina, 10 Carabiners, 2 Carabiners, 4 Carabiners, 6 Carabiners