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Bio Ethanol Table Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Glass Burner Fire Bioethanol Scala 2 White

Size: L43cm x H19.5cm x W 28cm
Burning time: 1h -1.45h
Material: metal + 5mm tempered glass
Heat output: 2KW
Fuel consumption 200ml/1h
Finish: Powder coating

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Size: L43cm x H19.5cm x W 28cm
Burning time: 1h -1.45h
Material: metal + 5mm tempered glass
Heat output: 2KW
Fuel consumption 200ml/1h
Finish: Powder coating

General notes

Please read through the following notes very carefully.

This manual is directed towards end users who use the BioFire products.

Any right to make a return claim will be cancelled if these instructions are not observed.

Inappropriate use as well as changes to the product will also cause exclusion of any claims.

If there are any questions and problems encountered in installing and using the products, then please contact us via messaging.

1. Description of the product

BioFire products are decorative fireplaces, which are designed for indoor and outdoor use. This is a liquid fuel (bio ethanol) burnt in the BioFire model variants, which is poured into a stainless steel container. The fireplace consists of tempered glass walls and a metal base.

2. Product variants from


General notes on the product

BioFire products are exclusively suitable for burning ethanol. We expressly recommend using the fuel

specified in chapter 5. If different fuels are used then any right to make a return claim will be cancelled, and dangerous situations can arise.

Damaged product (e.g. damaged glass) must not be used anymore. Do not make any changes to the product!

• National and local legal provisions should be observed during installation and operation!

Individual parts

  • Metal bowl with base.
  • Fuel container
  • Flame extinguisher

3. Installation and safety instructions

Installing the product

• The installation location is to be selected in such a way that damage to the system by unauthorized persons can be avoided and children and pets cannot have any access to it. Ensure that the surface it stands on is stable, horizontal and not combustible.

• Put the decorative stones

(if present) into the bowl.

• Only install in a location which is protected from drafts.

• Install at least 1 meter away from any combustible objects (garden furniture, easily combustible

materials and objects)

• A minimum distance to combustible materials above the fireplace of at least 1m above its upper edge should be observed.

• Always ensure that no parts can come into contact with the naked flame.

• Do not allow the product to get wet when burning.

3.2 Filling and topping up with fuel

• Fill the fuel container when it has cooled down up to about 1-2cm under the top edge of the

container. Ensure that no fuel is spilled. Always ensure to remove any fuel, which is spilled before

igniting (using a dry, absorbent, non-abrasive cloth)

• The fuel must not be topped up while it is burning since there is a risk of darting flames occurring.

Always refill the fuel container when it is cooled down outside the fireplace.

• Never smoke while filling with and topping up with fuel.

• Ignite the fuel immediately after pouring into the fuel container to prevent accumulation of combustible gasses.

3.3 Lighting the fuel

• Place the filled container carefully and stable in the bowl between the decorative stones.

• Ignite the fuel using a stick lighter of sufficient length.

• When igniting always ensure sufficient distance of one’s head and body from the housing.

3.4 To observe while burning fuel

• One should ensure that there

is an adequate supply of fresh air during use.

• Do not leave the burning fuel unattended. The same duty of care applies as the burning of candles,

keep away from children!

• Do not cover the device while the fuel is burning.

• Do not cover while fuel is burning and do not lay combustible objects on or against the surface of

the device.

• Do not top up the fuel while fuel is burning!

• Never blow on the flame or blow on it using a fan

• Do not touch the bowl during and directly after operation.

• When the fireplace is not used, the fuel container must be empty!

3.5 Extinguishing the flame

• Extinguish the flame using the flame extinguisher

tool provided – by means of full, careful placing of

the plate on the fuel container.

• Allow the container to cool down and encourage ventilation until the reservoir is dry.

3.6 To stop operation

• Always allow the contents of the fuel container to burn completely and for the container to cool


4. Cleaning and maintenance instructions

Apart from the usual cleaning measures which are associated with use the fireplaces are

maintenance-free. Using a dry cloth can clean the product

5. The fuel

• Use liquid Bio ethanol Ecoline or Goldenfire available to purchase from our store

Notes on storing the fuel

• Always read the label before using

• Put unused fuel back into its original container after allowing it to cool adequately. Dispose of

according to local regulations.

• Only store in the original container for the fuel in a closed condition without allowing any exposure to heat from outside.

• Store in a dry, cool place inaccessible to children.

• Ethanol is a very inflammable fuel. Keep away from any sources of heat or ignition during storage

and transport.

• Visit or contact a doctor immediately if any of it is swallowed accidentally.

• Avoid contact with the mucous membranes or the eyes.

• Do not mix ethanol with other fuels