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Bio Ethanol Fireplace Biofire Fire

180cm 1.8m
120cm 1.2m
55cm 0.55m
60cm 0.6m
90cm 0.9m

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Made by manufacturer of bio-fireplaces that focuses on quality, safety and an affordable price. These biofireplaces do not require a chimney, which makes it possible to enjoy a real fire wherever the installation of a traditional fireplace is impossible. SIMPLE fire biofireplaces are also an attractive and diverse design that will fit into any interior.
The recommended fuel for this biofireplace is the ECOLINE heating fluid, produced on the basis of ethyl alcohol of plant origin, from specially selected ingredients ensuring odourless and smokeless combustion, and thus comfortable use of the biofireplace.
Technical data:
Type of biofireplace: built-in and / or hung on the wall (2in1)
Controls: manual
For external use: no
Fire vision: front
Approximate overall width: 1,800 mm
Material / finish: body: black powder coated steel; frame: black gloss; bio-burner: inox steel
Dominant color: black
Protective glass: yes
Built-in insulation: no
Number of biofuels used: three
Length of the bio-burner: 450 mm
Line of fire: straight
Bio fuel capacity: 1.0 l per one burner
Power: approx. 9 kW (from three burners)
Bio-burner material: inox steel
Approximate burning time: approx. 2-3 hours with a maximum filling of three burners
Biofuel fuel filling: yes
The furnace filling material: ceramic fleece
Package contents: FRAME 1800 bio-fireplace, 3 x burners 450 bio-fireplace, flame extinguishing handles, lighter, instruction manual
Glass: yes

180cm 1.8m, 120cm 1.2m, 55cm 0.55m, 60cm 0.6m, 90cm 0.9m, 900×400


Black, INOX, White


Without Glass, With Glass

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