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Bio Ethanol Eco Table Top Fireplace

The stand-alone Table Top Bio-fireplace is a unique model that distinguishes high-quality workmanship and a unique design.



Bio-fireplace ideally suited as an additional decoration on the table and wherever it will be set. The base of the biofireplace is made of high quality steel and covered with a high temperature resistant paint. The bio-fireplace is additionally equipped with a stainless steel burner with unique shapes that adorns the product. The bio-fireplace is based entirely on odourless and safe for the environment bio fuel. The capacity of the burner in this model is 0.5 litres, and pouring bio fuel is facilitated by a funnel. The product is ready for use, does not require assembly. The product is available in several colour versions.

Size: Length: 370 mm; Width: 155 mm; Height: 80 mm; Tank size: 0,5 litra; Weight: 3 kg;


Stainless steel, Brown, Red, White