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Bio Ethanol Bioethanol Fireplace 650×400 Flat Back Black

Product Overview

This fireplace can be hanged on to any wall – back of the fireplace is completely flat.

The 650 x 400 bio ethanol fireplace for the wall is sure to add a sleek and sophisticated presence to your living or working space. The fireplace’s rectangular frame, the interior firebox and the one three point ethanol burners are composed of high-grade steel.

The frame and the interior firebox are made of thick steel that is expertly finished with a black powder coat (the whole fireplace is 100% welded, there is no any visible and ugly rivets, screws, slots etc.)

In addition to its aesthetic prowess, the 650 x 400 fireplace is a functional piece boasting a heat output of approximately min.0,5 – max. 2KW. Easy to mount, easy to use – each high quality burner is simply filled with ethanol fuel and ignited. For convenience and control, each burner is easily adjustable!. This allows the user control of the flame size, heat output and operational cost! Fireplace produces no soot, smoke nor odor. It need not be attached to a venting system and doesn’t require electricity. This fireplace is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings.




Product Details:

  • – Modern Design
  • – Ventless – No chimney, no gas or electric lines required
  • – Easy or no maintenance required
  • – Easy installation – Can be mounted directly on any wall
  • – Easy to fill

– Material: steel, stainless steel, tempered glass
– Finish: Black (fingerprint resistant),
– Burners Capacity: ~0.70 Liters
– Approximate burn time: 2 – 5h/1Liter
– Pebbles can be added to the fireplace around the burners (not on the flames)
– Fuel Type: Ethanol alcohol MIN. 96% (liquid)
– Heat output: Min.0,5 Max.2KW (easily and continuously adjustable heat output)
– Assembly Required: No

Weight & Dimmensions

  • – Weight: ~6kg
  • – Width: 650mm
  • – Height: 400mm
  • – Depth: 160mm

Without glass, With glass