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Bike CO2 pump Presta Schrader with grip



Directions for use:

  1. Place black foam cover over cartridge.
  2. Screw cartridge into inflator. Turn clockwise and firmly hand-tighten the cartridge onto the inflator. DO NOT remove cartridge until empty check by depressing trigger before removing.
  3. For fitting onto Schrader valve PUSH inflator onto the valve (no need to screw). For Presta valve unscrew locking screw and push inflator onto valve.
  4. Push the inflator onto tyre using the sprung valve to control CO2 flow. Note contains freezing CO2 gas under pressure, so depress trigger gently!
  5. DO NOT dispense upside down.
  6. Replacing the cartridge:
      1. First depress trigger to check empty.
      2. Unscrew cartridge (counter-clockwise). Cartridge may be freezing and may still contain liquid CO2.3. Follow instructions above to install new cartridge.