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Tarpaulin Blue Waterproof Multipurpose Cover

Durable Blue Reinforced Tarpaulin Protective Cover

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Protect your surface and objects from damage with this tarpaulin cover sheet.

Tarpaulins are intended to cover and secure objects, both indoors and outdoors. The edges of the tarpaulin are finished with a double reinforced bounds. Around the whole circumference of the tarpaulin there are aluminum fixing eyelets. Tarpaulins are waterproof, mold-resistant, easy to wash.

Perfect for covering cars, trailers, boats, shelters, agricultural materials, wood, furniture and garden pools. Also suitable for domestic and professional use, e.g. during construction and renovation works.

The product has been made of heavy duty polyethylene, which makes it extremely durable, and retains its functional properties for years.

NOTICE: the supplier has the right in his policy during the production of his tarpaulin, to make it +10% as -10% big.





1x1cm, 2x3m (6.5FT x 9.5FT), 3x4m (9.5FT x 13FT), 3x5m (9.5FT x 16FT), 4x4m (13FT x 13FT), 4x5m (13FT x 16FT), 4x6m (13FT x 19.5FT), 4x8m (13FT x 26FT), 5x5m (16FT x 16FT), 5x6m (16FT x 19.5FT), 5x8m (16FT x 26FT), 6x8m (19.5FT x 26FT), 6x10m (19.5FT x 32FT), 6x12M (19.5FT x 39FT), 8x10m (26FT x 32FT), 8x12m (26FT x 39FT), 10x12m (32FT x 39FT), 10x14m (32FT x 46FT), 10x15m (32FT x 49FT), 10x18m (32FT x 59FT), 12x18m (32FT x 59FT), 15x16m (49FT x 52.5FT), 15x20m ( 49FT x 65.5FT)