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Decorative Rainbow Orange White Stones / Pebbles

Decorative Rainbow Orange White Stones / Pebbles *** HOME & GARDEN ** AQUARIUM

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Rainbow decorative pebbles for outdoor and indoor use. Resistance to weather conditions (does not crack in frost).Color constant, durability and strength. Usage:

  • flower beds for the garden
  • rockeries
  • gabions
  • flowerpots
  • for bands around the house
  • any compositions in garden and construction architecture
  • also suitable for interior decoration.

A beautifully decorated aquarium is not only a pleasure for the grower’s eye, but also the well-being of the fish. Therefore, if you have not yet chosen a specific decoration for your tank, maybe it is worth trying a rainbow pebble? Its unique coloration and oval shape, safe for fish, are just like in a bank. In addition, the stone is completely neutral to water, so it does not react with it and does not change the pH. The scenery of the reservoir in the blink of an eye takes on a bit of exotic scenery and seems much more colorful. We obtain the rainbow pebble only from a reliable supplier. Thanks to this, you can be sure about its durability – the stone retains its original color over time and does not crumble. The individual items are 3 to 6 cm in size. So they can power both very small and large aquariums. The pebble looks great when thrown loosely on the ground. However, you can also use it to create underwater buildings – with hiding places for fry and dark-loving fish. And if you don’t know how many stones to buy for your tank, here’s a tip – recommended amount of stones for your aquarium:

  • 30 liters: 3 – 6 kg
  • 60 liters: 7 – 10 kg
  • 112 liters: 15 – 20 kg
  • 240 liters: 20 – 25 kg
  • 350 liters: 30 – 35 kg
  • 500 liters: 40 – 50 kg

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